Sunday, 3 March 2019

You can go now!

Prashant V Shrivastava
Hi Love,
I had never thought that I'd write a letter to you. but what I have to say is something I cannot express facing you.

I understand we have been in love for the past few months now but some revelations have forced me to put an end to our affair.

It's not me who is looking to go far but it's you who has already left for some other destination and perhaps have reached a lot far from me.

Someone sent me your pictures with someone else. As usual, I rubbished that. But somehow a few incidences unfolded before my eyes and now I am confirmed that you are in love with someone other than me.

A little broken and smashed, my heart is back to normal (I think so), but nothing can be done to fix it.

I cannot wish you all the best because you never wished the same for me.

Our love was a result of gradual feelings between us and it was never a forced one. But, if you have decided to change your love, go with them and enjoy. 

I wish not to see you back again, ever!!!
Photo by Angel Origgi on Unsplash

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